Just in case you thought tennis was over for the summer and getting into the football groove...... get ready for the Presidents Cup on Sunday 22nd September at 1:30pm.

Unlike the wooden rackets, this time it's competitive(ish). There will be prizes for the top players - which means an entry fee of £3 - think of it as tennis lotto. 

As it's a tournament, we'll be operating a strict starting time (1:30pm)- if you're not there on time, you're out of the running. So don't be late or you could miss the chance of tennis glory!

Afternoon refreshments will be available so long as there are enough of us in bake-off mode (Chris Harmer, you have ground to make up - just saying). Shop bought fare is also always happily accepted.

Format will be the usual informal American Doubles Tournament style with individual game scores added together to generate a final of the top two men & women competing as a mixed pair - emphasis on fun with a slightlycompetitive twist!.

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